The World Of Marketing Products And How They Affect Our Lives

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In the 21st century, there is something we have all become accustomed to the pop-up ad. No one knows where it came from, but know the panic that is felt when too many appear at once and keep on appearing not even noting what the content is. As society we have become used to them and now ignore them; it takes more to attract a customer besides creating a graphic and throwing it at the consumer blindly. In the four articles featured each take a view into the world of marketing products and how they affect our lives. Companies focus themselves on how to attract their next customer with new advertising techniques and strategies that make their product more approachable and bring long term success.
In her article What’s Changed, Jane Hammerslough, proves to the reader that now more then ever we depend on the products we own. Using various examples from second-hand celebrity items that go for more then their worth, to jeans that last longer then the love of your family. Hammerslough paints the picture of how America places high importance on the items we own. Even though American’s have an array of products, we have lost what matters most in our lives, compassion, modesty and self-restraint (Hammerslough). Hammerslough shows the audience that, people today care more about their material possessions then their Urban Warfare, provides the reader with an inside look on the newest, most successful marketing tactic. On the surface it looks as simple as driving into a neighborhood…

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