Essay about The World Of Cars On Public Roads

1444 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
䀀䀀 we think of cars, we usually think of vehicles that must have an operator to propel them, but that might change in the near future, as cars increasingly become autonomous. Substantial evidence proves their usefulness for drivers, the greatest of which is considerably cutting down the number of automobile accidents. However, advanced technology comes at a big price, and there is no guarantee that the technology will suffice to replace people as the driver. Among all the opinions about this new phenomenon, one thing is certain: these technologically advanced cars will change driving as we know it forever. There are various viewpoints as to when exactly fully autonomous vehicles will hit the roads, but most studies say we should expect them in twenty years. In 2010, the United States, it legalized driving autonomous cars on public roads after they have undergone a safety check. According to Navigant Research, “by 2035, sales of autonomous vehicles will reach 95.4 million annually” (Fink). The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers expects that 75% of vehicles will be autonomous by 2040. In other words, the market for autonomous cars will be huge. Even though no one knows exactly when AVs will become prevalent, everyone agrees they are inevitable; it is only a matter of time. The invention of new self-driving cars has us all debating about whether these cars will improve our society. Surprisingly, these cars offer greater benefits to drivers than expected.…

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