The World Changes Between 200 C. E Essay

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The world underwent many changes between 200 C. E. and 1000 C. E. In the region of the Americas, Teotihuacan fell in 750, while the Anasazi culture flourished and grew from 700 onwards. The Tiwanaku and Wari controlled the Peruvian Highlands in the Andes between 600 and 1000. Between 800 and 900, the Mayan centers were abandoned in the Yucatan Peninsula, and the Mississippian cultures began to develop in the 900’s in North America. The Toltec founded their capital of Tula in 968. In India, Chandra Gupta founded the Gupta Empire in 320, but it goes bankrupt and collapses in 550 C.E. In Southeast Asia, trade develops through the Strait of Malacca in 500 C. E. In the Middle East, Muhammad lives and Islam develops between 200 and 1000. In Western Europe the Battle of Tours is fought in 732, Charlemagne is coronated in 800, The Holy Roman Empire begins to exist around 962. In Eastern Europe, Muslims take over Byzantine territories like Syria and Egypt. In China, the Han dynasty falls in 220, and the Sui unify China from 627-649. The Tang dynasty begins suppressing Buddhism in China in 840, but fell in 907. The Song dynasty takes control of China in 960. In Inner Asia, the Tibetan Kingdom is founded and it 's political authority is taken by the Buddhist monks. The Koryo dynasty in Korea was founded in 918 and was supported by the Tang. In Japan, “The Tale of Genji” was written by Murasaki Shikibu in 1000. The many events in the Mediterranean such as, the emergence and use of a…

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