The Word Love: What Is Love?

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The word love is being used today more than ever. I believe that the word ‘love’ has lost some of its potency because of the fact that it is so commonly associated with many different things. It is used for materialistic and non-materialistic entities. Phrases such as, ‘I love that car,’ ‘I love that watch’ are being used today. People don’t use the word love to describe a strong relationship with one another as much anymore. The word love is being thrown out there and the real deep meaning is slowly being lost. What is love? Love is now described as, “A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” (Dictionary, 2015) Another definition of love is, “A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection.” (Dictionary, 2015) …show more content…
“For we have taken one kind of love, and given it the name of the whole, love’ and there are other cases in which we misapply other names.”(Rouse, 2008) This basically meant that the use of the word love has been used for many things and not just the feeling you get when you have a great connection with another person. We have been using the word love in association to other things in our lives not just with other people like it should have been used. It is said that people that are in love are, “seeking for their other half.”(Rouse, 2008) Which means that they are looking for an emotional bond with that person. It is said that for you to understand love you must first understand that the beauty in one body is comparable to the beauty in another body. This is if you want to, “pursue beauty in essence, it is great folly not to believe that beautify in all such bodies is one and the same.” (Rouse, 2008) You must know that beauty is different for everybody, that there is no universal form. Plato basically states that love is beauty. A question was poised, “Is love then ugly and bad?”(Rouse, 2008) The response to this was, “Do you think that what is not beautiful must be necessarily be ugly?”(Rouse, 2008) This brought upon a great argument because I believe that most people today also think of love and beauty as black and white. If someone is not beautiful then they are ugly. This is not the case and this was examined in this reading. Love is the middle area, beauty is the middle grey area between beautiful and ugly, and also the good and bad. It is said to try not to force what is not beautiful to be ugly, or what is not good to be bad. This is also true with Love. He is not good and not beautiful, as you admit to your own self, but do not imagine for that reason any the more that he must be ugly or bad, but something between the these two. (Rouse, 2008) So therefore love and beauty is the middle

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