The Women 's Basketball Team Essay

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The dancers had gathered outside of the gym waiting for the women’s basketball team to finish practicing. At 8:07 the team was finished and the dancers entered the gym. The dancers went over to the bleachers, which were not pulled out. They set their things on the ground and slowly meandered to the center of the court. As all the dancers gathered, they formed a line on the black half court line. The line was a slightly more spread out than it normally was because there was more space, fewer people, and out of those that were there, some had not come to the line yet. The teacher talked about what she planned to do. This included making sure everyone knew the line up and going over the routine twice to make sure everything looked good.
The teacher then told the dancers to go to their positions after their straight line position. The dancers did so and the dancer in the front asked to change the formation so she would not be the only one in the front as several dancers would be unable to attend the performance. The teacher told the dancer in the front on the left to take smaller steps so the dancers with shorter legs behind her would not have to stretch to keep a straight line. Then, the teacher instructed the group to move to the next position. She shifted some of the dancers slightly, lining then up with the marks on the floor. The dancers moved to their next position. With people missing the formation needed slight adjustment. One dancer was told to move closer to another…

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