The Woman From The Water Essay

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"Maricel!" He shouted as he rested his palms on my drooped shoulder. I shifted my upward hesitantly and shrugged, unable hide the truth. Hopefully, now that I had given him time, he would be more open to explaining who she was. "I have dreamt it twice…" I answered, finding the strength in my voice.
"Twice… "
"I saw her again."
"Her as in?"
"The woman from the water.” I kept my chin down as my eyes lifted, meting his gaze. In this moment I felt like a kid ready to be chastised as they confessed to their angry parent. He closed his eyes and mumbled something under his breath. "What happened?"
"I usurped her”
“What else?”
“I just wasn 't myself.”
“In what way?”
“I was physically perfect but fierce”
“That doesn’t sound too bad” He interrupted.
“I was pure evil with the intent of murder. Everything in me harbored hatred for her. I was a pure monster something I would never aspire to be. Yet revered receiving the praise anyone would dream of. You were there as well and you championed me. It was addictive, but now that I am awake, I am disgusted with myself and I never want to be that girl from my nightmare." “Dreams are based on repressed emotions. Your mind fabricated it as a defense mechanism because of the fear she invoked in you when you came into contact with her."
"Regardless, it is disturbing. It brought out the worst in me. You and I met in my dream and everything we experienced together, came to fruition so who is not to say that she and I will not have…

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