The Wives Club Essay

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Have you ever been at a wedding, and the bride is repeating after the officiant and says that she promises to obey her husband? It is a common expectation of women all over the world to be obedient to their husbands, however there is a sub - sect of the Islamic faith that takes submission to a whole new level. This sect is more commonly known as the Obedient Wives Club.
The Obedient Wives Club was founded on May 1, 2001 by employees of Global Iklwan Café in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Obedient Wives Club was originally created as a safe haven for female staff to be educated on how to be better wives. The teachings of the Obedient Wives Club are meant to counter husbands from partaking in social ills such as prostitution, domestic abuse, divorce, and sex trafficking. People of any religious conviction are capable to join the club; however, the clubs views are predominantly constructed on the Islamic faith. The club provides women with counseling, motivational classes, group consultation, and prayers as means of instilling a sense of community and openness amongst members. The Obedient Wives Club principle teaching is that as wives, women need to fulfill all of their husband’s sexual desires in order for him to remain faithful and satisfied (B.).
The Obedient Wives Club is no stranger to controversy. The first encounter of controversy stemmed from the idea that many members of the Obedient Wives Club were once members of the extremist sub – sect of Islam called al-Arqam. Al-…

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