A Raisin In The Sun Folklore Analysis

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lklore In The Play A Raisin The Sun
Folklore is the use of traditions in story telling that are inclusive of the beliefs, the customs and the culture of a people that are passed from one generation to the other. Folklores forms an integral part of the culture that assist transmit information through the word of mouth. There is the use of the folklore in the black vernacular used in the throughout the play to broach important issues and also conflicts such as the poverty, discrimination and also the very construction of the African American identity.
To start with is the title of the play, A Raisin in the sun. a line that was from 1951, in the Langston Hughes's famous poem "Harlem: A Dream Deferred". A black poet whose voice was heard through
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Like they can do something. (1.1.91) This is signified through the use eggs that she serves him every morning. This symbolizes her giving his man nourishment by making him food that a traditional wife is expected to do in most of the tasks that are made for her. Through this, the writer demonstrates the use and impact of the traditional gender roles that were described and expected from every culture from the woman to the man in the society that was meant to be passed on from one generation to the other.
According to traditions, the woman is supposed to talk less and do more of the request from the husband. In this case, Walter wants Ruth to speak out more as compared to just performing her expected tasks in the house and supporting him. In the early days, in every community there was a stand for every man and woman in the society. The community expected less talks or complains from the woman as compared to the today's world. This depicts a complete orthodox to the culture where other husbands want their wives to do the opposite of just focusing on their roles as wife's and nothing

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