The Witches Of Karres By James Schmitz Essay

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Change is a constant in the universe and in the innumerable worlds of science fiction. In these worlds, Science Fiction is used to predict the outcome of the most unimaginable changes in ourselves and our worlds. Isaac Asimov’s Nightfall, for example, predicts what would happen if night only came once every several thousand years. Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild speaks of a future where descendants of human colonists become the hosts of a parasitic race, and are cared for in return. The Witches of Karres by James Schmitz show us an empire of the future controlled by nobles and companies, and captains and adventures braving the unknown. And Rachel in Love by Pat Murphey creates a future where a human mind can be imprinted on the mind of an ape. Where shall these stories lead us?
Nightfall leads us to the world of Lalgash. This planet has six suns, such as a yellow dwarf primary and a nearby, dim red dwarf. Due to the dynamics of this system, the planet does not have a day-night cycle. A year before the beginning of the story, the planet’s physicists and astronomers discovered a small imperfection in their “Law of Universal Gravitation,” their equivalent of Newton’s law by the same name. They came to the conclusion that a moon was orbiting their own and would soon block out the red dwarf Beta when it was the only sun on that side of the planet in a total solar eclipse for the first time in several thousand years. During the event, the stars would come out and “rain fire upon…

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