The Whole Foods Case Study Essays

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. Is John Mackey a transformational leader? Why or why not? (Ch 8)
In reading the Whole Foods case study, there is no doubt that the company employees especially the senior management display a lot of leadership skills and qualities. One of these people is Mr. John Mackey, who I would consider a transformational leader given the critical role he played in transforming his employees to pursue personal growth, increase self-confidence, and performing above and beyond expectations, and more importantly having the organization they work for as the most important above them. But why is Mr. Mackey a transformational leader? Well, transformational leadership is critical in fostering enthusiasm for and commitment to a shared vision of the future, thus it entails a charisma, which is a leadership trait that Mackey possess.
The trait, Charisma, being a form of interpersonal attraction critical in inspiring acceptance and support, involves elements like intellectual stimulation and individual consideration. That is a technique that Mackey uses in communicating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company to the subordinates so that they can develop a sense of purpose. That in a way, is demonstration of individualized consideration by a leader of Mackey’s stature coming out strongly to help his followers to achieve their potential through coaching, development, and mentorship.
2. Whole Foods’ open-book policy allows all associates to have full access to all…

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