The White Man's Burden Analysis

“The White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling was wrote in 1899 to promote imperialism. Rudyard Kipling states “send forth the best ye breed,” talking about white men. He is saying that White men are the best breed, or the best of humankind. It is a poem written in encouragement of the European sense of superiority over other races. In “The White Man’s Burden.” Rudyard Kipling is describing what his opinion of the burden of a white man is. He describes the intelligence of a white man being that above others with the statement, “by open speech and simple.” With this famous poem, the author is putting white men above races, describing non-Europeans as “half devil and half child.” In summary, “The White Man’s Burden” is a poem written to persuade the nation to expand by colonization and imperialism. He is saying that it is the white man’s duty to over take other nations and races. Rudyard Kipling’s poem goes through a list of the things the White Man must take up as a burden because of other races, stating that the white men must colonize other races for their sake.
E.D. Morel wrote “The Black Man’s Burden: The White Man in Africa from the Fifteenth Century to World War I” as a comeback from Rudyard Kipling’s “The White
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He uses several statements of “take up the white man’s burden” to emphasize the idea that it is the white man’s burden to colonize the colored people. He says that is “rewards” the colonized. He states that colonization is to “serve your captives’ need,” meaning that it is the colonized people’s need that the white men are tending to. Rudyard Kipling portrays the white man’s burden as serving another race, as leading them for their sake. He states that “the silent sullen peoples shall weigh your God and you.” Kipling is stating that the people they colonize needs to be colonized and that it is for their

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