The Wesley Of Human Salvation Essay

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The Wesley Understand of Human Salvation
What is salvation? The salvation which is here spoken of is not what is frequently understood by the word, the going to heaven, eternal happiness. ……It is not a blessing which lies on the other side of death….it is a present thing….[it] might be extended to the entire work of God , from the first dawning of grace in the soul till it is consummated in glory (Maddox 143).
Albert C. Outler noted that this sermon has the most extensive history of oral preaching behind it of any of the written sermons; therefore, he recommended it as the best single essay by which to judge Wesley’s soteriology (Maddox 323). Wesley denied here that human salvation is only a future hope; Wesley was also denying that it is solely juridical in nature. Salvation involves much more than a momentary legal transaction that guarantees eventual eternal blessedness (as a simplistic form of the juridical emphasis would suggest) Also, evident is a distinction between three dimensions of human salvation. Wesley’s most explicit delineation of these three dimensions was pardon – salvation begun, holiness – salvation continued, and heaven – salvation finished.15 Some other common threefold formulations were justification, santification, and consummation; or pardon, grace, and glory. 16 To suggest alliteration, Wesley understood human salvation in its fullest sense to include deliverance (1) immediately from the penalty of sin, (2) progressively from the plague of sin,…

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