The Ways We Lie By Stephanie Ericsson Essay

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Nation of Lies Why do we lie to others, but expect others to be honest with us? Today in society, lies have embodied the lives of many to the point where it has become a natural part of our lifestyle. Lying has become a natural habit for us, it has become a factor in how we carry out our lives. Whether we may have lied in consideration of how others may feel, or if it was because we did not want to carry out something we were assigned, lying has become so natural to us that we cannot distinguish it from what the truth really is. Lying has become a cultural cancer, as Stephanie Ericsson states in her essay, “The Ways We Lie”, that we have come to the point where we accepted it into our society. It has become an “incurable” disease that is spreading throughout our society as it is eating away what our culture stands for. Lying is becoming so much of a second nature to us that it is becoming an invisible aspect of our reality, our lives, just as water is an invisible aspect to the fish that swims in it. Would you ever lie to your children, your family, even after knowing that the consequences may be much worse if they find out? People lie for many reasons but would you accept it from someone you were raised by, someone you were raised with? This was a question Audre Lorde had to answer in her essay, “Fourth of July”. During the time of this story, segregation was still alive in the United States. However, Lorde’s parents did not want their daughter to realize that the color…

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