The Way We See Me Essay

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e Meghan Lichtenwalter
Intro To Human Communication
April 4, 2013

The Way We See Me

The way I see myself definitely varies from one degree to another. For instance, I am not at all tactful as I am imaginative. This is another reason why I perceive myself as being slightly quiet. I chose these answers because I know that I like to think a lot to myself and am more observant of others around me than I am of myself. Since I am rather quiet, I haven’t really practiced my communication skills as much as I’d like and thus why I am not very tactful. On a more positive note, I do see myself as extremely imaginative and friendly. I chose to rank myself high on these two because I always try to treat others the way I would want to be
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This is probably the result of me trying to please everyone but not focusing enough on myself, therefor leading to indecisiveness. It is nice to get these perceptions of others because it allows me to work on my weaknesses while continuing to improve my strengths. What really surprised me about how others perceived me is that one friend stated that I was extremely easy to get to know, while my husband only thought I was slightly. I believe this is because my husband unfortunately catches the blunt side of me when I am in the comforts of my own home, where as I am trying to be my best when I am out socializing and not exhausted. I need to work on being more expressive with myself when I am around my husband. As I look over all these perceptions of myself, I learned that the others around me definitely see more good in me than bad. Naturally, I feel the opposite because I am very self-conscious about myself. I need to perfect this by working on my self-esteem. I agree that this project is a great way to start. I also need to learn a tactful skill to stick to my goals and make up my mind when it comes to tough decisions. I am always worried that I can never make up my mind because I get bored easily. I picked up a lot of bad habits from my parents and they never seemed to drop them so this makes it very hard for me. Not that I blame my parents at all, I am very aware that I am responsible for my own actions. I am just saying that this does not make it any

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