The War Of The Cold War Essay

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In 1983, the Cold War was in a heightened stated. Early in the year, Ronald Reagan gave his famous Evil Empire speech as justification for deploying NATO nuclear-armed missiles. The SDI or “Star Wars” plan was a sign of heightening tensions between the NATO countries and the Warsaw Pact ones. Other events, like the Soviet downing of Korean Airlines 007, Massive Nuclear Protests in Europe and the Able Archer exercises, were further signs of rising Cold War tensions. It was in this atmosphere that the British Broadcasting Agency commissioned the film Threads. This powerful, intense cold war film showed the full horror of nuclear war, including a nuclear winter and was a vivid depiction the fear that people on both sides of the Iron Curtain shared. Early 1983 was a time of heightening tensions between the USA and the USSR. The Soviet Union installed new nuclear missiles in Eastern Europe. In turn, The US unleashed the Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed, Star Wars. This program intended to develop an anti-ballistics missile system in the United States, to aid in the prevention of missile attacks. The premise of Mutually Assured Destruction was giving way to the idea that Nuclear war was winnable. Threads attempted to refute this belief. Reagan used of rhetoric in things like the Evil Empire Speech, which in turn angered Russians. The downing of Korean Airlines flight 007, in October, heightened tensions even more. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher also…

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