The War Of The Civil War Essay

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Dylan Kolson
History 130
Dr. Kelman
Civil War Neither side thought that the Civil War would turn out to last almost four years yet alone be one of the bloodiest wars in American history. Each side misjudged the other’s resources and will to fight for victory. Jefferson Davis did not believe that the North had the stomach to fight a war of any kind. He thought that the North lacked the honor that ran through the men of the South and that citizens of the North would be afraid of a fight. He was quite mistaken; when Lincoln called for 15,000 volunteers for just a mere 90 days nearly 250,000 showed up the next day. On the other side Lincoln had not suspected that the South could organize an army ready to fight the Federal government’s forces. Both sides would soon realize that this war would be far from a quick victory for either side. A key resource or lack thereof that hindered the North’s quick strike was their military leadership. While they held most the Nation’s factories, 97% of the Nation’s guns and 95% of its’ iron; the South boasted 2/3 of the Nation’s military officers. With sectionalism dividing the country before the Civil War it was almost guaranteed that these officers would fight for the South. Robert E. Lee was an excellent general and even though he opposed secession he could not turn against his home of Virginia. Lee rarely turned from a fight, to do so was without honor, he knew how to lead his men into battle. Contrast that with the poor…

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