Essay on The War I And The World War II

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World War II, was one of the most tragic wars of the 20th Century. Lots of lives were lost, as the world witnessed what happens, when hate and racism controls a war. Many countries, will be forever changed, because of what took place during those few years of battle. Looking back, one person might ask how this happened. What triggered WWII? The aftermath of the World War I, and the leadership of Hitler can be considered causes of WWII. After World War I, Germany was put on the hot seat by the rest of the European countries, to face the damage they had caused during wartime. This started when Germany was excluded from the Peace Conference, where the negotiations had taken place to figure out how Germany would pay for the destruction of WWI. The Treaty of Versailles was created, and this agreement would demand Germany pay a large sum of money as reparation for war. To disarm and give up ten percent of their land. When the League of Nations began, Germany was not invited to join. They were isolated, ostracized from the rest of Europe. Most countries, (especially France) wanted to weaken Germany economically and militarily. They wanted Germany, to suffer and prevented them from ever starting another war. Severely punishing Germany, would later back fire, and igniting a Second World War. The consequences of WWI, left Germany in a fragile place. Germany was suffering, especially economically, they could not afford to pay back the money they owed for reparation. With the…

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