The Visual Storytelling Of An Art School Essay

755 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
For my rhetorical and visual analysis paper, I chose to write about the visual storytelling of an art school’s ad and how it was weak in its presentation. When I decided to write my thoughts on this topic, I wanted to illustrate my professional opinion on advertising and how important it is to touch on all aspects of rhetoric when working on a visual. I also wanted to include this essay rather than my rhetorical narrative paper because I was much more passionate on the topic of analyzing this advertisement. I had much more to talk about within the analysis and found that I also cared about identifying the flaws within the ad more than I did telling a personal story. All the feedback I was given in class was incredibly helpful, as I was able to pick up on what aspects of rhetoric I was lacking in my final draft. I was told that a large piece of my paper had been missing elaboration on the ethos appeal of the poster. At the time I had chosen this topic because I was majoring in communications and had recently learned a lot about advertising and how people view the messages the company is trying to portray. The idea of reviewing a poster advertising an art school also interested me deeply, considering that I love traditional art. The abundance of knowledge I had gained from both my English and communication courses helped to shape the information I brought to light in my paper. In my synthesis essay, I wrote about the importance of the English and Fine Arts programs in many…

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