Katharina Von Bor Virtue Analysis

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Katharina Von Bora: virtue is shown in the way she ran her home and take care of her family. The most durable attribute was her courage to escape something she did not believe in and to be powerful enough to change her future. Her practical skills were how she was able to grow much of what they ate in her private garden, raised livestock, cooked and brewed her beer. To be able to bring extra income to the home in a time where women did not play this role. She shared her home, offering a place to stay for as many as 30 students and visitors at a time. She was a leader to her family by her virtues.

The first virtue; I would like to bring to my marriage is a type of support that is unbreakable, to never undermind my partner. I believe this
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Sometimes it is hard to stop and tell your partners how much you value them and the reasons you love them.My husband and I forgot this when our children were smaller, and it led to us to have a little breakup. So today we make sure always to remind each other what we value from each other and to encourages each other to be better people.
As a loving wife, mother, and daughter I wear many hats at times. On a typical day, I will listen to my family's worries and concerns, and find the right solutions to offer; I can provide a judgment-free zone. I seek to do things without expecting something in return but to solve the issues at hand.
Like Katharina Von Boro, I would like to leave my legacy of virtue to be seen in the way I ran my home and take care of my family. I believe I am an excellent wife to my husband in the last couple of years. It has not been an easy journey the last 20 years, but I would not change a thing because every hardship thought me how to be a better wife and mother. We have learned to be each other's greatest cheerleaders. To find the time to listen to each other passions and worries. My husband says I am his backbone, but the truth is he is my

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