The Village Self Governance Essays

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The communist party has existed in China since nineteen twenty one. The institution of the village self-governance is considered to be one of the greatest political developments in China since the nineteen eighties. The implementation of village elections allows the villagers to vote for the communist party member to represent and oversee their village productivity and operations. The productivity and performance of rural life in China is a very important concern. Village elections have resulted in hundreds of millions of voters in China expressing their views. However there are issues where the voting can seem to be nothing but a mere formality. In other cases village elections seem to increase accountability within village committees. Some perspectives view the democratic elections as a revolutionary step where others view it as formality that increases communist control over rural China.
Understanding the importance of rural villages can help in seeing the application of a type of rural self-governance. Despite China’s massive amount of land only a mere fifteen percent of it can be farmed (Kesselman, Krieger, Joseph p.624). One of China’s greatest concerns revolves around having enough land to produce the food needed to feed their people. An impressive fifty five percent of China’s inhabitants reside in rural areas; this is nearly seven hundred million people (Kesselman, Krieger, Joseph p. 625). Another area of interest is ethnic diversity. Much of the ethnic…

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