Essay about The View Of Others ' Strengths

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The View Of Others


I asked three of my closest family members to gibe me their honest opinions of the strengths that I possess. My aunt Julie, my uncle rusty and my cousin Ethan have been there for me through thick and thin. If I need some guidance I have always found solace in them they are never afraid to guide me, steer me back on the straight and narrow or just listen to me when I need to talk. My aunt feels one of my biggest strengths is the fact I am good with people. Aunt Julie stated " You have a way with people and they grow to love, trust and value your input." Ethan explains " You’re a hard worker there are not many women I know that can sling a hay bales for fourteen hours and then get on the floor and play with the little ones. You make it look easy and you never complain about the callouses, sore muscles, or tiredness. I can depend on you to stay by my side and help." My Uncle Rusty a man of little words says " Your smart know what you want and when you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything." This is my family and they stand by me even when I push them away. I do agree with them I know that I am good with people to and extent but sometimes I shut my self off from the world and I find it easier to be by myself than to deal with others and their judgmental ways. I had to be a hard worker and smart growing up my parents believed that laziness was unacceptable and there wasn’t such things as lazy days. We worked as a…

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