The Varsity Team Teams Team Coach Essay

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Nearing the end of the season, West Point’s crew team coach, Coach Preczewski (Coach P.) is dumfounded by the ability of his Junior Varsity team to consistently defeat his Varsity team. When creating the teams, Coach P. had tested individual ability by utilizing a rowing machine called the Ergometer, but these measures would fail him. It should be noted that there are psychological variables that differ between the crews. The Junior Varsity crew has a leader that fosters positive motivation within its crewmates, which elicits citizenship behavior. However, the Varsity crewmembers are focused on their personal achievements, and they disregard group cooperation of the team.
Coach P. should focus on the different elements that are affecting the overall performance and commitment of the Varsity team. The Varsity crew has a large pressure to be the best in the program, because that is what they have been selected for; on the other hand, the Junior Varsity crew has “nothing to lose”. This affects both teams’ motivation, because the J.V team is intrinsically motivated through enjoyment of the sport. However, the Varsity team is extrinsically motivated, because it craves the praise associated with being the superior team. Lacking instrumentality and a leader, the Varsity team loses its motivation to defeat the J.V crew in competitions. To make matters worse the Varsity crew starts experiencing strains between its members. Trying to find the weakest link, the Varsity team engages in…

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