The Values That Arise From The Feed Analysis Essay

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The values that arise from the feed analysis were: the dry matter, crude protein, acid detergent fibre, neutral detergent fibre, pH level and ash. Specifically, the value for the dry matter is the corrected value in order to allow for acids, volatile acids and other components that lost on oven drying. The crude protein which is determined from the total nitrogen of silage is 88.33 (g/kg DM). The value of the acid detergent fibre which is a measurement of lingin, cellulose and lignified nitrogen is 306.79 (g/kg DM). The neutral detergent fibre of the silage was 552.40(g/kg DM) and is an indicator of forage intake potential which declines as NDF value increases. The pH value of the silage is 3.91 and its an indicator of the acid in the silage. Low values of pH indicate high acidity which is required for stable silage fermentation. The ash which is an indicator of the mineral content of silage has a value of 179.8 (g/kg). High values of ash indicates soil contamination that reduces intake which resulting in a silage with poor fermentation characteristics.
Additional calculations using the values that arise from the silage analysis determined the metabolisable energy, digestible organic matter and qm ratio of silage. Specifically, the value for digestible organic matter calculated from the equation:
DOMD(g/kg DM)=(983.1-(1.04*corrected ADF)) and the value that arise in our occasion was 664.03 (g/kg DM). The value of metabolisable energy that emerged from the following…

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