Grass Fed Meat Research Paper

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Why Grass Fed Meat is Healthier Than Grain Fed
Many people assume grass fed meat is the same as grain fed meat. In reality, both are completely different foods. Grain fed meat may look similar smell similar and taste similar, but in it’s not Bulletproof like grass fed meat.
Grass fed meat is in a class of its own, it’s the real meat that makes Bulletproof diet work. On the hand, factory meat contains the wrong fatty acids, has hormones that can cause obesity and mycotoxins formed as a result of meat processing or cattle food mold.
There is no magic in transforming steers diet into minerals, healthy fats and vitamins. If you feed your bulls with nutritious food, they will become nutritious. If you feed them junk foods they will become junk
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This article will focus on studies on why grass fed meat is healthier that grain fed. By the time you finish reading, you will know grass fed meat have nutrition and why it makes Bulletproof diet work.
The underlying principle of Bulletproof diet is to show why one food is better than the other by proving it contains less toxins and more nutrients. The food should have maximum nutrition benefits with minimal damage.
Grass fed meat is the perfect food. It contains more nutrients; omega 3, antioxidants, TVA, CLA vitamins and trace minerals that conventional meat or any other food. Whether you want to prevent diseases, be Bulletproof, improve brain function or lose weight, consume grass fed meat and you will see the desired result. The following studies show evolution of research and how scientists interpreted data to build their case on this topic. Here are the most relevant and recent studies in chronological order.
Study 1: 2006
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The diet of the animal will affect the type of fat found in its tissue. When you feed animals with grains or legumes, the nutrient content reduces in a very short time.
The part two of this study examines the health benefits of grass fed meat that you will not found in grain fed meat. The study is will cover more types of fats in grass-fed besides CLA and omega-3s.
Here levels of carotenoids are measured, total amount of fat taken and more types of fats examined. They include: omega-3 and 6, total saturated fat, CLA, cholesterol (no a fat), and TVA (trans-Vaccenic acid). TVA has the same functions like CLA with similar benefits like fighting cancer, weight loss and improving brain function.

Study 2: Grass fed V. Conventional (2008)
The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of grass fed and conventional feeding system on how they affect the nutrient composition of beef.
Samples of meat were collected at three different times around 19 different states of the USA. Grass fed meat from 13 states and grain fed meat from Texas, South Dakota and Ohio. Grass fed meat was then analyzed and compared to that of grain

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