The Value Of Hunters By Peta Essay

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The Value of Hunters

In the United States, hunters are being interrogated by an ignorant organization better known as PETA, which stands for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals." I believe this uneducated group of people are lacking knowledge of what an avid hunter actually does. The definition of a hunter is not just a person that hunts. A true hunter is a skilled human being or animal that is willing to kill for an apparent necessity. Although PETA has over 3 million members and supporters, there are over 20 million active hunters in America. (Hunters against PETA) The amount of hunters are significantly higher than PETA members. PETA should not be against wild game hunters in America because of the economic growth, game population control, and entertainment purposes hunting allows people to be apart of.

First, economic growth is a major factor that plays into why hunters should not be discriminated by against PETA. The amount of money that hunters are willing to spend on helpful hunting attire and accessories has created an extremely large profit to the United States economy. Hunters spend 38 billion dollars in one year just in retail businesses. This outrageous number should be recognized by members. They also spend 955.4 million dollars in one year on sales and fuel tax. (Hunters against PETA) This source of income provides several small business owners a chance to stay open and for large corporations, such as Walmart, to take part in providing important…

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