Essay about The Value Of Hard Work

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“The actual is limited, the possible is immense.” This is the slogan and motto that has been prominently displayed for over a century in a business that has served as a model of effective management style and achieving ultimate worker productivity.
John Lincoln clearly knew the value of hard work derived from incentive to grow and be the best that he could be. As an engineer and inventor, he soon realized that his strength was not in the management side of his business and had the wherewithal to bring aboard his brother James, to then take his company to the top of the industry, by way of successful leadership. The beginning of an outstanding “organizational socialization process,’ that would continue within their business model.
Whether his motivation was born from an outside source or an intrinsic factor, James Lincoln must have been a wise and humble man to create a culture within a multi million dollar company that allows his subordinates such a high level of direct involvement and input into his business. Thus, the ‘Organizational Culture’ had begun.
It is doubtful that a ‘mission statement’ was systematically planned in 1906 for the future of the company, instead a set of Values, Assumptions and Artifacts, the 3 levels of organized culture as we know it today were created inadvertently. Lincoln’s Assumption that people/employees can and would be trusted and respected in his company, the Values that he would then exhibit by role modeling hard work and dedication…

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