The Value Of Being Human Essay

1220 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
To Value Is To Live

Has anybody ever told you that being human has its many perks? For example we all laugh and cry we all love and fall out of love. However we weren’t ever meant to be the same on the contraire we are very different creatures at the source from the fingerprints we leave behind to the way we enjoy our freshly brewed coffee every single morning. All of this makes us whom we are but in my opinion what really defines a person for whom they are is what they value at heart. What a person values contributes to whom that person is and it defines what that person believes to be correct. They say that most of the values that we hold dear begin within the walls of our home and it’s because of this that we are greatly influenced by how our parents raised us. Since the early stages of our youth we were kept under the ever watchful eye of our parents little did we realize that we were carefully being molded by our parents into becoming similar if not identical to their own set of values and believes. For example my parents are very different in their own values which I believe that it has to do with the way that they were brought up. My mother highly values spirituality, love, honesty and beauty whereas my father highly values wealth, family, power and respect. My father was raised all of his life as a Catholic however my mother was raised all of hers as a Christian. They were both raised during the machismo era where it was believed that a man was supposed to do…

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