The Value Of A College Education Essay

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The Value of a College Education: Is It Worth the Cost? High tuition costs and low graduation rates bewilder prospective college students. The costs are high, and the outcomes are uncertain. Is a college degree still a good investment? A four-year college degree is worthwhile for qualified students because of higher wages, better employment rates, and nonpecuniary rewards. Average published tuition and fees for students at four-year public colleges rose 2.9 percent between the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years. ⁠ ⁠ More students are borrowing more money than ever. “Seven out of ten students who graduated from four-year colleges in 2012 borrowed … an average … of $29,400, up more than 25 percent from four years ago.” Debt totals vary because of financial aid, family contributions, and university tuition rates. Some colleges cost more, but no definitive evidence shows superior outcomes for all students. College students quit school for varied reasons. Some students fail because they lack attitudes and behaviors necessary to graduate, including time management, study habits, or commitment. Other students must leave school because of work and family responsibilities. College dropouts face student loan debt without a degree or a job enabling loan repayment. “Graduation rates are on the rise, with 37 percent of students who started college in 1997 graduating in four years and 48 percent of students who started in 2008 graduating in four years.” Despite rising costs and…

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