Essay on The Value Of A College Education

1586 Words Jun 5th, 2016 null Page
The value of a college education has always generally been high in the United States of America. Most Americans believe that if you work hard and get a college education you are destined to succeed, but what happens when you cannot afford to go to college? Public universities were once easily accessible and affordable, but with rising housing costs and tuitions only those with the most money can afford to get a higher education. Most people assume this is due to inflation, but there is actually a lot more happening. Neoliberalism has become a part of the agenda in public college’s throughout the country, especially California. This system makes it so that public universities value making a profit over providing enough people with an adequate education. Neoliberalism in public institutions of higher learning must be challenged because it prevents students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, who are usually people of color, from accessing services that were supposed to benefit the general public not just those who can afford them.
Neoliberalism is a very important concept that affects people throughout the world. Neoliberalism is an economic ideology that promotes rational egoism through things like privatization and deregulation. In an article titled “Neoliberalism: Origins, Theory, Definition” writer Paul Treanor discusses everything there is to know about the term. Treanor is a lot more precise when it comes to defining the term when he states: Neoliberalism is a…

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