The Use Of Spies And Undercover Missions During The Cold War Essay

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The Cold War, a conflict between two of the world’s largest superpowers that lasted around half a century, had many changes and continuities that affected the world not only politically but culturally as well; especially in the film industry. From 1946 to 2000, spies and cloak and dagger operations were utilized by both sides, which directly translated into the film industry. But as the Cold War progressed, the space race began, which led to the desire for advanced technology and the increased imaginative capability regarding weapons and space technology; and as more countries around the world became communist, the fear of the spread of communism and communist invasion grew. All of which is depicted in various films from this time period. The continued use of spies and undercover missions during the Cold War were highlighted in film all over the world. With agencies such as the British MI-6, the American CIA and the Soviet KGB pulling the strings behind the curtain, fantastical spy stories and secretive operations became the focus of innumerable films. Both communists and anti-communist regimes utilized films as popular and effective tools to influence public opinion. Towards the beginning of the war, in 1962 the film “Dr. No” was released, with the antagonist of the film being SPECTRE, a ruthless, secret, communist faction that aimed to destroy the Americans’ space program. Without the help of MI-6’s legendary spy James Bond, the communists would have succeeded in…

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