Essay on The Use Of Simulation : Best Practice

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The Use of Simulation: Best Practice
Major movements in healthcare created a change in clinical experiences, the shortening of education time, and working restrictions all created medical personnel with deficiencies in their learning. Universities struggle with ways to best prepare clinicians. The Institute of Medicine’s report of patient safety issues has come to the forefront of educators and healthcare providers. Because of this lack of critical thinking, medical staff fails to recognize the deterioration of a patient, which results in poor patient outcomes (Robert, Tilley, & Peterson, 2014). Simulation is a valuable teaching tool for both new and seasoned nurses. For the new nurse, the labs provide practice time so they become comfortable with the fundamentals of a task. The seasoned nurse has the opportunity to experience actions that may not happen frequently but are critical to patient care. As Brenner stated, a nurse may be an expert in one area but a novice in another. The development of an expert, intuitive nurse in the simulation lab is much like Benner’s model of novice to expert.
For the last decade, simulation labs and debriefing have become the norm in the teaching-learning continuum. Debriefing after the lab simulation is highly valued as the facilitator of transitioning learning into knowledge. Evidence has proven that debriefing enhances clinical practice by transferring the practiced skill to future situations; but, there is a lack of global…

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