The Use Of Oxygen And Electrolytes ( Sodium ) Essay

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Problem #2
Use the chart you just created to answer the following questions.
a) Which substance would be the most corrosive? /1
Sample number 2 is the most basic and corrosive substance between the four samples. With its very high pH of 12, it can be predicted that sample number 2 is the oven cleaner that contains Sodium Hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is highly corrosive due to its elements; the presence of oxygen and an electrolyte (Sodium – Na) cause corrosion, the breakdown of a metal resulting from reactions with chemicals in its environment. The oxygen oxidizes with the metal, and the sodium help speed up the corrosion process. The presence of oxygen and electrolytes (Sodium – Na) in sample number 2 make it more corrosive than all of the other samples. Therefore, sample 2, the oven cleaner that contains Sodium Hydroxide would be the most corrosive substance.

b) Which substance is most likely part of a household cleaner or oven cleaner? /1
Sample Number 2, sodium hydroxide is the most likely to be part of a household cleaner/oven cleaner. This is because of its high pH and high reactiveness; when sodium hydroxide is dissolved in water, it produces heat to melt clogs or grease. This makes sodium hydroxide very effective for cleaning uses.

c) Which substance is the most acidic? /1
Sample Number 4, possibly hydrochloric acid, is the most acidic sample. This is because the solution turned the yellowest with Bromothymol blue, and turned bright…

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