The Use Of Advertising And Marketing Has Changed Our Society Essay

1656 Words Oct 12th, 2016 7 Pages
From the beginning of time, both men and women have been contrasted by certain characteristics that both demean and belittle both genders. These characteristics have led to categorizing men and women by jobs, interests, and abilities. Men, as a whole, are considered strong, unemotional, simple minded, and hard working. Women have been dramatically characterized as weak, caretaking, smarter than men, and emotional. The art of advertising and marketing has evolved into sending negative messages to the public that make them desire to fit their unrealistic standards for beauty and attractiveness. In modern culture, these standards are held to such a high regard that not only are men and women expected to fit these descriptions, but they are scrutinized for not fitting our culture’s idea of what men and women should be. Those who do not conform to culture’s standards are treated negatively due to the subconscious beliefs of many that have been engraved in their brains through societal standards. This effects many in our culture today. Our world has never been this progressive in terms of individual freedoms, and many social standards are now being challenged by the public. In order to tackle this issue, we must look at the gender standards set on men and women, how it effects everyone, and the solution to this problem. Society tends to shed light on misogynistic issues and problems surrounding the inequality of women to men. While this is a serious issue, what many do not…

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