The University Of Maryland And Cleveland State University Essay

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As part of the application package, this proposal elaborates the research idea and its benefits to the student. The proposed research is a part of applicant’s dissertation proposal (available at and a collaboration between University of Maryland and Cleveland State University. Here we explain in details why the selected lab is the best choice for conducting the proposed research.
a) Reasons for selecting the host lab/PI Parker Hannifin Human Motion & Control Laboratory at Cleveland State University has the state of the art facilities for measurement and analysis of human movement in the areas of motor control and neuromechanics of locomotion. Wireless electromyography, infrared motion capture systems, virtual muscle controllers, COSMED portable calorimetry system, virtual reality simulations, neuroengineered prosthetics, computerized exoskeletons and humanoid robots are among the advanced equipment and technologies available in the lab. Research conducted by several faculty members and their teams in the lab encompasses a wide range of interdisciplinary topics related to analysis of motor behavior. The expertise of the lab members in conjunction with the extensive research facilities makes working in the lab a unique opportunity for neuroscience students with a research focus on neural control of locomotion (more details on this in sections b and c of this document). Dr. Van, the Parker-Hannifin endowed chair in human motion and control and the principal…

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