Essay on The University Of Arkansas Rotc

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The 2015 Cadet Leader Course challenged and changed numerous ROTC cadets. Throughout my time in the University of Arkansas ROTC Program, myself and fellow cadets trained for this anticipated event. CLC was the notorious contender we would face at the end of their junior year. The on-campus training we received helped us face numerous challenges. My expectations for CLC varied tremendously. My varied expectations were the result of not knowing the exact format of the new CLC. The class of 2015 faced an entirely different CLC than seniors before us. Cadet Command implemented several new changes. We were not sure what we would be facing. At first, it was difficult to acclimate to the new changes. I believe my classmates and I were slightly baffled. Up until the beginning of our junior year, we had been training for the old ways of summer training. Confusion ensued when Cadre were constantly giving us updates about the new CLC. As time went on, we conducted various trainings attempting to prepare. Cpt. Becker would test us constantly on domain knowledge. He would give us concepts to review. Throughout the semester, we incorporated not only classroom time, but field time as well. Our class did land navigation multiple times. We had many opportunities to work on Squad and Platoon level OPORDS. As we worked continuously together, the MS3 class grew closer as a team. In what felt like a short time, two semesters passed and junior year was over. We all returned home and prepared…

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