Essay on The University Of Arkansas ' Recreational Center

1049 Words Oct 15th, 2015 null Page
What is there to do on a boring summer day? Being a teenager in Northwest Arkansas may not have that many options, but for me, I have the University of Arkansas’ recreational center. Many diverse people from all around the world join together to play different sporting activities. Every time I have the pleasure of going to the HPER, for any reason, it is always an enjoyable experience. All elements of the HPER, the people, the activities and the overall experience are like no other.
The best part of the HPER is the people. Meeting, greeting, and conversing with the staff and college students are consistently interesting and educational. Learning a person’s aspirations, as well as their history, is a great opportunity to learn new ideas and strengthen, or weaken, any preconceptions I have about college. One of the best parts is how friendly everyone is. For instance, I played racquetball with Michael Bernal, the shortstop for the Razorback baseball team. He literally walked up to me and asked if I wanted to play. I was star struck for a second and quickly agreed. Though I may not have won, it was an extremely memorable experience. To be honest, I did not stand a chance against the Division One athlete’s athleticism. I was quickly and easily demolished. It may not have been the most fun game for me to ever play, but it was definitely one of the most interesting moments in my life. At the HPER, it is not uncommon to have run-ins with college athletes like this, and that, in…

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