Essay about The Universe Of The Earth

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Sometimes I look out into the moon or the stars and I think about a lot of stuff. Most of the times I find myself thinking that there has got to be someone or something starring back in my direction as well. Although many people believe that extraterrestrial life is all fictitious, consumers should keep an open mind because first, with a galaxy and universe as big as ours how could one possibly believe that Earth is the only planet capable of sustaining life. Second, there have already been aspects found on Mars to make one reconsider any opinion there was over the topic. Lastly, it is possible to come across a planet or a moon which has the required ingredients to sustain a form of life. Not human life but a different life.
The universe in which we live in is very immense and mysterious. It’s so big that what we can see, which is the stars and sometimes the other planets around us, only make up about four percent of it. There is a lot of our universe that we have yet to discover. Therefore how can one deny, without a doubt, that there is no life out there, even if it isn’t our kind of life? Joel Achenbach states that “the nearest ocean planet might be just 12 light-years away.” (Achenbach A.1.). Although it’s not close enough to send a robotic space probe, it is still very near to us. Achenbach also found that approximately twenty-two percent of stars similar to the sun might have an Earth like planet orbiting the star. It doesn’t sound like much because it’s only…

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