Does Life Exist Further In The Universe?

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Does life exist elsewhere in the universe? — One of the most fascinating and compelling questions, whose answer has eluded us since the moment we learnt about the cosmos. It could in fact help us understand our own existence. There are several probabilistic arguments that not only try to show the existence of life, but also the existence of communicative civilisations. Frank Drake formulated the Drake equation one of the most famous one of these models. Rather than evaluate and quantify the number of civilisations, the equation yearned to inspire scientific dialogue at SETI ( Search for Intelligent life).
The equation shows that the number of civilisations - N - is a product of certain variables such as the number of Sun like stars older
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According to the research I have done, the Universe behaves and can be compared to a living organism, and we are all components that help it survive.
The dark matter region can be compared to the neural activity zone. The neural zone is made of Hot dark matter ( high gravitational frequency ) while we are made of cold dark matter( low frequency). Two varying types of dark matter need dark energy ( single/unified consciousness ) to form any kind of communication. It is when we achieve this( unified consciousness) can we form a symbiosis with the Universe.

We ( the planet) could be compared to cells, while the universe is the human body.
The reason we cannot communicate with another life form is because we are still at an early stage of cellular development (3.8 billion years). It is only when we can harness the collective consciousness of our planet is when we have reached final stage of cellular development. We do not need to even leave our planet to be able to communicate with them. They may have already reached the final stage and find it pointless to communicate with a cell not at a functioning status yet. So no matter what we do to try and get a response, or find evidence, we are still too primitive for it to have any

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