The Drake Equation: Mediocrity

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The Drake Equation Introduction: The Drake Equation is an elaboration of the Principle of Mediocrity; an expression that determines the probability of the discovery of extraterrestrial life within the entirety of the unknown universe. This equation combines the things science knows and does not know to come to the equivalent of N, if N is the number of intelligent species in the universe that are communicating amongst each other right now. The Principle of Mediocrity is essentially the assumption of similarity throughout the universe, pertaining to this solar system being the original copy. It allows for scientists to obtain the physiological position using the knowledge previously discovered about the Milky Way and Earth, and …show more content…
It quantifies this research as a whole, and allows scientists to attempt to understand the fundamentals of the equation to the result that is N. Thesis Statement:

Body: The Drake Equation’s general expression is N = R* fp ne fl fi fc L. N represents the number of communicating intelligent civilizations within the universe right now. R* is the approximate rate of the formation of stars within our galaxy. Fp represents the fraction of stars in the Milky Way that are companioned by other planets. Ne takes the place of the number of planets per sun-like star that have habitable ecospheres, which is what allows for the chemical evolution of life. Fl is what breaks up the planets per sun-like star which obtain inhabiting ecospheres and separates them from the ones that actually do create life. Fi is the fraction of life created on those planets that eventually evolve into intelligent beings. Fc then fractions that number into the intelligent beings which actually provoke interstellar communication. L represents the number of years that those hypothetical intelligent beings actually survive and their average life span.

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