Fermi Paradox: Are We Alone In Our Universe?

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Are we alone in our universe? This is one question scientist Enrico Fermi first asked in his theory which was later named the Fermi Paradox, the apparent theory of the existence of other intelligent life civilizations in our universe. Using the conflict of scale and probability, the Fermi Paradox favors intelligent life in the universe, despite the lack of evidence of extraterrestrials.
No present observations suggest there are technologically advanced civilizations living in our galaxy or universe. However, under the prevalent assumption of galactic civilization creation and development, the absence of other life in the universe is highly unlikely. Probability is the root of the Fermi Paradox. In our universe, there are 100-200 billion
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An existing Type III galaxy could easily colonize the galaxy. Nevertheless, with no physical relics, chemical traces, or biological influences suggest the existence of any alternate life form, many may assume that there is not intelligent life beyond Earth. Beyond the Drake Equation and much speculation from the scientific world, no evidence suggests that extraterrestrials have visited Earth or have attempted communication. Without any evidence, accordingly, scientists assume that the resolution of the Fermi Paradox must depend on the civilizations itself. For instance, they might not be interested in colonization, they might destroy themselves from conflict within the civilization, or have strong moral codes against interfering with such unevolved life-forms. In fact, many researchers have come to terms with this theory as to why Earth has received no communication from outsiders. However, if the Drake Equation equates to millions of intelligent life civilizations, the explanations are only conceivable if there are fewer civilizations than anticipated. Otherwise, the theory would not be equitable if there were millions of civilizations―it is unlikely that all civilizations would destroy themselves before being able to connect with

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