The Universal Characteristics Of A Hero Essay

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Review Questions
1. What are three of the universal characteristics of a hero based on what you have learned in this unit?
Three universal characteristics of a hero occur usually long before the hero reaches adulthood. The first characteristic is that the hero is conceived during a time when a hero is needed. Their birth is usually prophesied by a seer or a similar profession. Another characteristic is a lineage to the gods or something similar. Hercules/Heracles is an example of this. The final characteristic is that the hero is at risk in some way at birth, causing the hero to be raised by someone who is not family. These characteristics all set up the hero for their destiny.
2. What are the four main ways that hero stories are presented in literature? The four ways that hero stories are presented are Sagas, Legends, Epics, and Folktales. Sagas are very long narratives that speak of some great event. Legends are believed (but not proven) to be true by a cultural group and have been passed down for a long time. Epics are a story of a great event that are usually told in the form of poems and songs. Finally, Folktales are a shorter, exaggerated, tale of a person and their great deeds.
3. What are the seven hero archetypes? Explain the purpose of one in detail. There are seven hero archetypes. They are hero, mentor, shadow, trickster, threshold guardian, shapeshifter, and herald. One that really stood out to me is the trickster. The tricker, usually an animal, causes chaos…

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