Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Boo Radley

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The majority of people have their own definition of a hero, my definition is, a hero is someone that fights for what they believe in, no matter the consequences. Like Beowulf for example, stood up for the people of Heorot when Grendel started to attack, and he also went after the dragon to protect his people.Another hero to me would be Boo Radley. Both Boo, and Beowulf fought for what they thought was right, and also changed how people thought of them.
At the beginning of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Jem and Scout do not see Boo as an ethical person, but at the end of the story he definitely proves to not only the kids, but some of the townspeople as well. By saving Jem and Scouts life at the end of the book, Boo shows that he always meant well.
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Beowulf’s quest was to help the people of Heorot from Grendel, and also at the end he came across another quest, which was to defeat the poisonous dragon. Unlike Beowulf, Boo Radley didn’t fight an actual monster, he fought a man with a monster like monstrous mentality. Though their quest were so different, they were also pretty similar. They both risked their own lives to help save others. Boo Radley risked himself going to jail for killing Ewell to save the lives of Jem and Scout, even though he didn’t go to jail, there was still the possibility, but he did what he knew needed to be done. Beowulf heard about everything that Grendel had done to the town of Heorot, and decided to take matters into his own hands (quite literally.) and kills Grendel. Well of course, than Grendel’s mom was not very happy about that whole situation, and went after Beowulf, but he handles that pretty good as well. Even in his old age Beowulf stood up for the people of Heorot by facing the poisonous dragon that cost him his life.
Strength is another quality of being a hero, not just physically, but also mentally. A hero needs to be able to handle situations the best way possible. Both Beowulf, and Boo Radley are strong characters. Boo goes out of his way to help two children, even though they see him as a terrible person. With Beowulf, he’s not only strong because he killed the bad that was around him, he also did not let the glory of it all, get to his head, and stayed true to not only himself, but others around him. Beowulf had unhuman like strength, whereas Boo Radley’s true strength came from where he was

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