Ponyboy: A True Hero

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Heroes are everywhere and always ready to help. A hero is strong, confident, brave, acts undaunted, and if needed, is willing to risk their life for someone else's life. Ponyboy is considered a hero. Johnny was also a hero, even though he killed someone. Bob was not a hero. A hero is always there to help people who need help, even if you don't notice it.

Ponyboy is considered a hero. He helped the kids out of the church and saved their lives. On page ninety-one, he ran into the burning church in order to save the kids and was not scared. The kids were safe and unharmed thanks to Ponyboy and Johnny. Ponyboy risked his life in order to save the kids. On page ninety-two he continued to help the kids out of the church, even though the roof could
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He had saved the life of his friend. On page fifty-six saved Ponyboy from a Soc who was trying to drown him, but in order to do that he had to kill someone. Thanks to him, Ponyboy was saved and was not drowned. Johnny also risked his life in order to save a group of kids. On page ninety-two he had gotten all the kids and Ponyboy out of the church and was about to get out when a flaming beam fell on his back. The beam had injured Johnny so badly that he had eventually died within the next two weeks.

Bob was not a hero. He was not the kind of guy who would help someone out. On page forty-four Johnny realizes that it had been Bob who had beat him up and left him in the lot.The event had left Johnny very frightened and Bob had gotten away with it. He was cruel and would not help others. He had one of his friends grab Ponyboy and try to drown him in the fountain. Bob would have not stopped the Soc from drowning Ponyboy and would've just let him die if it weren't for Johnny.

A hero is undaunted and will always help you out and may even risk his or her life for you. Heroes can be there to help you when you least expect it. Some heroes, such as Ponyboy did not have such a great background, but still became heroes. Some even created crimes like Johnny. Some people like Bob just aren’t born to be heroes. However, all heroes are good and will help

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