The United States Vs. Italy Essay example

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The United States vs. Italy. The world is filled with about 200 countries and they all differ from each other. A country is defined as a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory (English Oxford Living Dictionaries). Nonetheless not all countries are the same, and there are numerous things that distinguish one from another. The United States and Italy are two very diverse countries because they differ in their location, historical background, language, culture, government, education, crime, and traditions, which all contribute in the making of a country. The United States is a country located in the Americas. In 1492, Christopher Columbus, discovered America. Evidence shows that the first settlers arrived around 14,000 years ago. At the time, hundreds of Amerindian tribes occupied the United States. All the different tribes established themselves and had their own economic system and adapted to their surroundings. There originally were 13 British colonies on the East Coast, which declared their independence in 1776. In 1783, the United States was recognized as an independent nation. In 1787 the Constitution was created, establishing a strong central government divided into three branches: executive, judicial, and legislative. One year later, the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution stating its first 10 amendments. George Washington was the first president of the United States, and there were 42 following his term. After a long period of…

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