Essay on The United States Of America

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The system by which the United States of America operates its elections under is one based upon that of the Declaration of Independence. As such the ideals behind the system were kept in the minds of 18th century culture; the dissemination of information about current politics was not effective, in comparison to that of today’s media. Thus, a gap of information was present between the average people of the new America and that of those in the political world. As such the need for a system of election with checks of power and information was required. The system the first politicians of America created is much the same as it is today.
A two-party system, mainly the Democrat and the Republican party, affects the mindset of voters in a huge way, this becomes important when the effect is that of the next leader of the united states of America. In America, there is a widespread notion that the only candidates able to win the national election are those who belong to one of the two major parties, this being a democrat of republican. When the primary representation is done in the characterization of the states in their affiliation, that is to say, a blue state or a red state, the voters are presented with a problem of ideals when voting for the next president of the United States. The main of these, is they consider how others will vote; thus, the “voter bases their decision on how the majority will vote” or majorities will vote. This leads along the path of “bandwagoning through…

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