The United States Of America Essay

916 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout the years, The United States of America has become an increasingly diverse civilization. It’s a melting pot full of different races, color, ethnicity, religion, and political view. In the upcoming elections for 2016, the Republican candidate Donald Trump has risen his disturbing point of view against illegal immigrants (Hispanics). His claims are opposing from the truth and are discouraging to the latino community. Trump plans on making America great again is going to be a big failure if he wins the presidency. During Donald’s Trump Presidential event in Phoenix, Arizona on July 11, 2015, he raised a claim that Mexicans are taking American people jobs, taking American money, killing America and are rapist, etc. Every illegal immigrant that is able to pass the border knows that it’s an expensive and devastating struggle. Leaving your homeland and peers to seek “The American Dream” is not a walk in the park. These immigrants don’t come with a mindset of stealing jobs, killing, or hurt others. We are here to do the jobs American people are simply to lazy to do, such as working in construction sites during freezing weather and hot consuming temperatures, farming, housekeeping, butchers, etc. The reasons immigrants work harder jobs with low wages is because they didn 't have the opportunity for an education and money is a high demand in there lives. We bring strong work ethic to a manufacturing company without the need of accommodation. Following the…

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