The United States Of America Essay

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Year to year many people immigrate to the United States of America for various reasons. Each immigrant that comes to the USA has different motives, passion, and wants. Over time the struggles immigrants have to face once they get here has increased and teachers and school need to keep up with the changes so they are able to help the students of these families. Most of the issues immigrant students face that would be helpful if teachers knew are the difficulty of growing up with a parent that have a high school or lower education lever acquired outside of the USA, cultural barriers, and the difficulty of helping out in the family. If teachers knew the struggles immigrant students face they are more likely to sympathize and try to help the student out.
For most immigrants America is the land of opportunity where all dreams come true. In the novel El Norte by Ronald Takaki says, “Mexicans saw America as a land of opportunity” and many Mexicans like most immigrants as they “heard a lot about the united states it” became their “dream to come here” (Takaki). Immigrants who come to the USA have been dreaming about living “The American Dream” and being able to become successful in life. The American Dream to most immigrants means that life in America is going to be better, wealthier and completer for everyone, with opportunity to be successful and wealthier in life regardless of your social class. Although these immigrants immigrate to the United States of America in hopes of a…

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