The United States Education System Essay

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The United States education system is a topic of debate that primarily exists because of its comparison to countries with outstanding educational performance, such as China and Finland. With the U.S. ranked as average when being compared to these countries, many schools and the parents of students agree there is a much needed reform. Thankfully, tests such as the Programme for International Student Assessment allows countries to test their students to determine where their country lacks most in their education. This tests has made it possible for the U.S. to realize its educational standpoint to make changes to the system accordingly.
The Programme for International Student Assessment, also known as PISA, tests the critical thinking, science and mathematical knowledge of fifteen year olds in countries around the world. This test has given the U.S. a great amount of knowledge on where the education system currently stands, and what it can learn from the higher ranked countries. PISA was first used In 2000 when the United States was compared to thirty-two different countries. This first test displayed America’s standing to be average as it took the eighteenth spot. According to an article by Linda Darling-Hammond, “by 2012, the United States was ranked thirty-second in mathematics, well below the average of the now larger number of participating nations” (Darling-Hammond). These results not only proved the U.S. education system was in need of reform, but that any changes…

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