Essay on The United States Constitution And The Second Amendment

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Our history has become like a game of telephone, people pick and choose key facts when discussing controversial topics without looking at all the facts. The United States Constitution created a representative democracy that has last for 200 years. However, that does not mean 18th century logic should rule over the 21st century. The Second Amendment was written in 1791, when the country’s government was still forming, the revolutionary war was just fought, people still had to hunt for their food, Indian wars still raged, and attacks from wild animals were still imminent. There were many reason why the founding fathers thought, at that time, the Right to Bear Arms was a constitutional right. But a lot has changed since the 18th century and today the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution should not guarantee every citizen the right to carry a handgun without a permit.
There have been many major advancements in gun technology since the Second Amendment was written. Guns are no longer single-shot, muzzle-loading weapons, firing low-velocity lead balls. Modern guns today, are rapid loading, sometimes automatic, firing weapons with high velocity, highly lethal bullets. The guns today and the guns 200 years ago are completely different and a lot deadlier.
Carrying a handgun increases the chances of a conformation turning lethal. According a 2009 study by the American Journal of Public Health, found that someone carry a handgun for self-defense was 4.5 times more likely…

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