The United States As A Multicultural Population Essay

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The United States is composed of a multicultural population. As mentioned by Creative Nursing, “The United States has always been a culturally diverse nation, but never before has the significance of the nations’ diversity been as obvious or important as it is today” (Abriam-Yago, Yoder, & Kataoka-Yahiro, 1999; Guy, 1999; Omeri, Malcolm, Ahern, & Wellington, 2003) (R.K. Adeniran & M.E. Smith-Glasgow, page 53). With increasing multiculturalism comes new realms of diversity. “Not only are there more immigrants, but increasingly they speak languages and bear cultures that are quite different from those brought by European immigrants in the past” (D.S. Massey, abstract).
Allied health and radiography are not excluded from the growing diversity in the student population. With individual cultures and backgrounds uniting in classrooms, the educators must comply with individual student needs. “Educators need to learn more about the histories and cultures of the nurses and students they teach, particularly in order to understand how dominant cultures consciously or unconsciously perpetuate stereotypes, and thus develop strategies to facilitate equity in pedagogy” (R.K. Adeniran & M.E. Smith-Glasgow, page 55). Not only can educators become more informed about multiculturalism in the classrooms, but they can take other active measures as well.
According to Teaching Health Careers Education, “Another attribute of skilled instructors is the ability to choose the appropriate teaching…

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